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Yummy, Tasty, Nourishing, Healthy, Fresh, Fast, Convenient. 

These are the words we use to describe exactly what we are committed to serving at Bowlbar. Food that is simple fresh and clean of preservatives and chemicals and that promotes health and

wellness while being flavorful and delicious. Plus, Bowlbar kitchen

is designed to quickly prepare each bowl so you can eat right, just as quick as if you had been to a fast-food restaurant. 

We believe that our combination of fresh vegetables, greens,

grains and noodles is the foundation of good health and is food people want to eat but can’t always find. Finally, there is quick, convenient access to delicious, healthy and satisfying food. 

Bowlbar, there are no more excuses. 

       Eat Great, Be Great. 

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   Orlando Sentinel - June 21st, 2018
   Orlando & Central Florida Neighborhood Guide

   Dining options from OS Foodie Lauren Delgado:

    ● Bowlbar: Salads and soups along with noodles and rice dishes fill the bowls at this fast-casual eatery. Healthy and               convenient is Bowlbar’s goal. Pick up fresh juice to complete your meal. (4058 Wedgewood Lane, The Villages)




4058 Wedgewood Lane

The Villages, Florida

Daily 11am-7pm

​Closed Sunday

352 . 350 . 6019